Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I'm pretty sure we've all had our fair share of Popchips, but I couldn't resist doing a review of the greatest chips known to (wo)man. I haven't tried or seen all of them, but of the ones I have, they're all delicious!

So... how are Popchips different than other chips? Well, for starters, they're not baked or fried. They're popped! (I'm seeing where the name came from...) And what is "popping"? Start with potatoes, add a little heat and pressure, and there you have it. Apparently, they have rice and corn chips as well, but I've never seen those.

All of the chips have a texture very similar to a regular potato chip. Popchips have a nice crunch, but no grease on the outside. You know how some chips leave you feeling "heavy"? Not with these. All in all, a very innocent snack.

I'll just list all of the potato flavors, in no particular order. :) I love them all.

Cheddar: Okay, I lied. So my favorite is going first. This flavor is just... awesome. It kind of tastes like someone baked really tangy mac cheese into the chip. It's kind of like the chip was dipped in a powdered form of mac cheese. <3

Salt and Vinegar: This flavor is definitely tangy! If you like that burst of vinegar flavor, go for these. I know some kinds of vinegar chips have a subtler taste, but this one is like WHAM!

Sour Cream and Onion: This flavor is somewhat milder than the other ones, but still very good. If you haven't noticed by now, I really like strong flavors. This chip would be perfect if it was more dominant over the potato taste.

Original: Like your regular old Lays chip, just healthier! I actually love this flavor when I need something a little bit calm in the taste bud zone. They are really salty though, and I like that.

Barbeque: There's somewhat of a spice to this chip... I do like the fact that it has an authentic barbeque taste, but it's kind of hot! Some of the people I've asked don't think so though, so maybe it's just me.

Parmesan Garlic: Never tried or seen! I wish I could find this flavor, it sounds great.

Salt and Pepper: I do see this flavor often, but I'm not a big pepper fan, so I just get the original.

Sounding good, right? But how healthy are these chips? Well, they have 120 calories for every flavor, but the chip amount ranges from 19-22. That's quite a lot! They have around 4g of fat per serving, and around 20g of carbs. No saturated or trans fat, so that's good. There is also no cholesterol, preservatives, or artificial stuff. Yum!

Where can you get these? Lots of grocery stores actually have them, not just health food stores. I buy them at Whole Foods, Target, and sometimes ShopRite.

Price: Around $2.99 per bag.
Calories: 120 per serving

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  1. I love the barbeque flavor best! I usually find them at Whole Foods and Target as well!

    Love the review - I'll have to give the cheddar flavor a try! Thanks!


  2. Hehe, I love the salt & vinegar. One wiff of the bag and my sinuses are cleared!

    I love your reviews :)

  3. the cheddar cheese are definitely my favorite too :) and sour cream and onion are a close second. Who am I kidding? I love them all! except for Salt and pepper -- definitely agree with your review!

  4. thanks for the link back! these are definitely a neat alternative to chips, i just wish they filled me up more :)

  5. I'm a fan of popchips too. I really want to try the sour cream & onion but I can't find them here.

  6. I too would like to try the Parmesan Garlic. I can only get limited flavors. BBQ is my favorite of them all.

  7. these look yummy!
    sorry you didnt win Zevia...randomosity wasn't in your favor :(
    keep checking back tho- ill have more giveaways!! :)


    Thanks girl!
    <3 jess

  9. We love pop chips but have only tried a few flavors. Can't wait to try more... :)

  10. i have been seeing these everywhere in the blog world they look very cool if i must say so myself

  11. In response to your question on my post - I just mix a scoop of peanut butter with the pumpkin to make the topping! It's delicious! I'm sure plain ole' peanut butter would be great too! :)

  12. I just got a few Popchip samples. I'm intrigued to try them.

  13. My favorite flavors are BBQ and Sour Cream and Onion. Yum.

  14. i love the bbq. you can also find them at the larger krogers that have a nature store. 2.99 a bag. i buy 3 bags at a time in portion them out in snack baggies. great afternoon snack to tie you over.