Monday, June 29, 2009

Greek Gods Nonfat Plain Yogurt

We all love yogurt, I know I do! Not only does it taste yummy, but yogurt contains a ton of healthy cultures and probiotics, as well as protein and fiber. Usually, the only downside of yogurt is that it's very high in fat and calories for a very small serving of yogurt. The Greek Gods Nonfat Plain Yogurt changes all that!

This yogurt tastes very tangy because of the plain flavor, but pour a couple tablespoons of sugar free, calorie free syrup and you're good to go. The texture is slightly thicker than that of regular yogurt, but thinner than other greek yogurts because of the lack of fat. All in all, this yogurt is a delicious, healthy find. The best part is how you can customize this yogurt. Add berries, honey, anything you want! I've even heard of someone sticking some of this yogurt in the freezer for a while to get a decadent frozen treat.

A 6 ounce (170g) serving of this yogurt, which is a regular container, has only 60 calories. Compare that to the other greek yogurts:

Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt (151g) : 80 calories
Oikos Plain Greek Yogurt (164g): 90 calories
Chobani Yogurt Plain (170g): 100 calories

And the Greek Gods yogurt container is bigger than the Fage and Oikos ones! You can't beat it (yet!).

Price: $1.79 at my local health food store
Calories: 60 per 6 ounce container


  1. I love Greek yogurt, especially with agave nectar and berries, holy yum! :)

  2. I love Greek Yogurt and I love to cook with it. So creamy! Yum
    Thanks for stopping by my blog

  3. I love greek yogurt! I think Trader Joe's has a similar in calorie version , too!

  4. Oh, I've never seen this yogurt yet. I just get the cheapest I can find, which is TJ's.

  5. This was the first Greek Yogurt I ever tried. It was too tart for my taste. I should of added some honey to it, but instead, I threw it away. What a waste. After that, it took me a long time before I tried Greek yogurt again. Now I cannot live without some Greek love at least a couple times a week.

  6. I do agree that the yogurt is very, very tart by itself. But Torani sugar free syrup is calorie free and makes the yogurt delicious! Try vanilla.

  7. Great find! I have a love affair with Fage 0% Plain...It's my breakfast of choice very morning mixed with my Kashi Crunch! I'll have to be on the look out for this brand.

  8. I have replaced my breakfast with this yogurt mixed with my protein and dynamic greens then topping it off with frozen berries. I feel like it's much more full filling than drinking my protein in the morning. :)

    Thanks for the article.