Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ZSweet® Natural

No matter how much you try to smile and down your plain yogurts and cereals in the morning, it isn't much fun to eat foods without flavor. Unfortunately, flavor usually comes hand in hand with calories. This is where Zsweet comes in. It's a zero calorie sweetener that is sugar-free, all natural, kosher, and vegan. For me, the big seller with this sweetener is that it's honestly zero calories. Splenda, for example, has calories, but there is an FDA law stating that the nutritional information is allowed to say 0 calories if it's less than 5. Those calories can add up if you use more than one packet, each of which has 4 calories. Zsweet contains carbs that aren't turned into calories by the body. Erythritol, a naturally occurring sweetener found in common foods like fruit, is the main ingredient.

The version I bought came in a canister that has a dual-top spout for easy usage. It looks exactly like regular white sugar, except the granules are a little smaller. I dipped my finger in the top and tasted it plain, and I could mistake it for sugar. I mixed some in with my yogurt and cereal this morning, and it was delicious! You can even use Zsweet in baking and cooking.

There are 4 carbs in Zsweet, but they come from the erythritol, which isn't turned into calories. Other than the carbs, the nutritional panel is blank, which is always a good sight to see. :)

Price: $7.19 at local health food store
Calories: 0


  1. Thank you for recommending ZSweet®! I have sampled hundreds of people and they are always truly amazed at how close granular ZSweet® tastes to regular sugar.

    Even though I work for ZSweet® it's been amazing for me to have a natural 0 cal option that is also vegan, kosher, gluten-free, 0 glycemic impact, 0 net-carbs, non-GMO, won't promote tooth decay or candida growth & doesn't have a nasty aftertaste. I've always hated all the other sweeteners, but I'm not supposed to have sugar, so I was stuck for a long time.

    Anyway, thanks for letting your readers know about us. They can find ZSweet® at Whole Foods Markets or at www.ZSweet.com. = )

  2. interesting....always nice to know about another natural sweetener

  3. Haven't seen this particular brand at my stores yet. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. This sounds really good :)
    i am all for anything with natural sweetners vs. chemical ones.

  5. I've never tried this...I always use splenda. Is this expensive though?