Monday, August 17, 2009

EnviroKidz Organic Crispy Rice Bar

Everyone loves snacking on Kellog's Rice Krispie treats, but though they may be relatively low in calories, they're full of artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, and gelatin (Who honestly knows what's in that stuff?). Luckily, a healthy, delicious alternative has arrived! The EnviroKidz Organic Crispy Rice Bars come in five different flavors, Cheetah Berry, Koala Chocolate, Panda Peanut Butter, Lemur Peanut Choco Drizzle, and Penguin Fruity Blast.
I couldn't possibly choose a favorite because they're all equally delicious. The Cheetah Berry and the Penguin Fruity Blast flavors have bits of freeze dried fruit in it, which I think is an added plus! I love these bars though because they're gelatin free but still taste great.

For sweet crispy rice treats, these bars have a pretty nice set of nutrition facts. Except for the Lemur Peanut Choco Drizzle which has 120 calories, all of the bars have 110 calories. They are also gluten free and low in fat and sugar. Some of the flavors, such as Cheetah Berry, even have some dietary fiber packed in there for you. What are you waiting for? Go grab a box of these!

Price: $3.99 for box of 6 at local health food store
Calories: 110-120 per bar

Giveaway time, my dear readers... I'm becoming obsessed with them. :D


  1. Those bars are so tasty, I've had them! I especially like that they are gluten free, which is good on those bloated days :) haha.

  2. Thanks for your nice comments :)
    Great blog, I love bar reviews hihi
    Hope you win something in those giveaways!

  3. Thanks for all the comments!

    Mmm those bars are a must try!
    <3 jess

  4. I have seen these everywherre.....good to know that they are worth picking up!

  5. Stumbled upon your blog girlie, and I'm loving how you post all these awesome giveaways!
    and those bars look maddd good. Where'd you get them?

  6. If those were available over here I'd be stocking up big time!

  7. These bars are great!! I love the peanut butter ones, but am hoping to try the peanut butter choco drizzle ones soon.
    Great review!!

  8. i adore those bars.. they remind me of rice krispie treats :)!

  9. Mmmmm.... they look and sounds yummy.

  10. I've had the berry one and the peanut butter ones and I absolutely loved them! :)

  11. Thanks for the comment :P
    and i am loving the look of the bars i will have to watch out for them to see if they come down to Australia