Monday, September 28, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award


Wow! This is my first award you guys! I have the lovely Kris from Vivez Riez Aimez to thank for this. Now, I've seen a ton of different variations for how to... accept this award, I guess? :D I'll just do it how Kris did it, so... Here goes!

7 Things About Me

1. I was born in New York City, then I moved to New Jersey, then I moved to Hawaii, and now I'm back in Jersey! It feels like my life has come in full circle. ^^ And I'm only fourteen, ha.

2. I'm half Chinese and half Irish, which makes for a very interesting mix. It's really weird because my brother looks totally Chinese and I look totally Irish. Hm. Genes confuse me.

3. I have a natural instinct to get up at 5:45 exactly every day ever since I started high school. I'm not kidding. EXACTLY. It's freakin' me out (and makes for unpleasant weekends).

4. I'm a neat person to the point of OCD. It's so annoying sometimes! Have you ever seen Monk? Yeah, kind of like that, but not as bad.

5. Pretzels are my favorite snack ever. That's pretty self explanatory! I love Rold Gold, even though they have artificial flavors. :/

6. I love winter. It's been my favorite season since I was little.

7. Reading and writing are my two favorite hobbies. I'm really excited to take two English electives this year! Awesome.

So my seven nominees are! Drumroll, please. Are you doing it? Oh, I hope I don't nominate someone who's already received this award, but if I have... Then you have two! :)

My 7 Nominees

1. Now is Now: You're trying so hard to fight ED and you're winning! Keep it up, girlie. We're all here for you!

2. Nattie Tan from Eating to Live: Nattie, I love your bar supply. :D I wish I lived in Australia so I could get the ones that they don't sell here!

3. Lisa from Healthy Product Reviews: I feel like we have a connection... Not sure why though? ^^ Love your reviews!

4. Stephanie from The Skinny Plate: I've loved your blog even before I started my own. Big inspiration right here!

5. Lisa from This Girl's Life: Lisa, you've been fighting ED for so long now, longer than most bloggers. I truly feel like you've made so much progress. Hope every thing's good with Baby!

6. Karina from Like Some Cat From Japan: I absolutely love your blog. It's been a while since you've posted, but I know that you have already helped other girls through the blogging world.

7. Eliane from Vanilla Swirl: I've saved this bloggette for last because her blog no longer exists as of today, I believe. The last post was from her sister saying she went to the hospital. I am so worried and scared for her, so this award is in honor of Eliane. Please come back to us!

That's all! Thank you very much for this award, Kris. :D And please pray for Eliane tonight. We may never hear from her again through the blog world but I just hope she actually is okay.


  1. hey thanks!! glad you like my blog, i like your too! yea we do have a "connection"-we seem to review verys imilar things and have the same ideas!
    Lotsa Love,

  2. congrats on the award sweetheart :)! xo

  3. Thanks for nominating me. I feel so honored to be someone's inspiration.

  4. thanks for nominating me! I will have to think a little bit about what to post.
    It was neat to read more about you :)

  5. I love learning new things about blogger/foodie friends! I had no idea you were half Chinese and half Irish, that's so neat! Thanks for sharing this, and congrats on the blog award!

  6. congrats on your award girlie!!

    thats so cool you were born in NYC!

  7. You're so sweet. This award really touches me :)
    I'm currently home because the doctor allowed to stay at home for supper, but I must return to the hospital tonight.
    I asked my sister to delete my blog because I'm too scared of the doctors finding my blog and then, keep me hospitablized longer because of the ED history and everything.
    Thank you again, this was my first time having an award :)

  8. Aww thanks sweetie for the award. I'm in Singapore by the way but we get quite a lot of bars from Down Under! x) And I can't believe you're only 14. You sound so smart and so mature! No let me correct that. You don't 'sound', you ARE! And it's so apt that you love reading and writing because your talented writing skills on this blog is something I admire a whole lot of. xx

  9. Thank you SO much for this award.
    I was in geometry class when i received my blackberry email notifying me of this and my eyes, I am not lying to you, teared up.
    I miss blogging SO SO much.Aall the people I have met have touched me/helped me in some way and it made me so happy that you said that I have helped others as well because that is exactly why I started blogging in the first place!!! Thank you for letting me know that I have inspired you.
    It means a lot to me.

    I have rather good news though.
    I will begin blogging again next week because starting Monday, I will be home schooled :D
    So until then, dear!

  10. YAY! Awards are always fun! You totally deserved it, my dear! and you and I are the same! Reading and writing is my fave two hobbies, too, which is probably why I love blogging so much, tee hee...^^

  11. I love reading and writing too. I have really started to think about possibly taking another college english lit class to do both, even though I already have my BA.

  12. I totally have neatness OCD too ;)

    Have a great week!

  13. are you half chinese half irish? that's so exotic! :)