Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nature's Path Toaster Pastries

I think we all remember eating Pop Tarts as kids, right? Unfortunately, each Pop Tart contains 200 calories, and honestly? No one ever leaves the second one in the wrapper. It's true. So that usually means you're devouring 400 calories of sugar, carbs, and artificial chemicals. How healthy. What's the alternative? Organic toaster tarts! I've tried all of the flavors of the toaster pastries by Nature's Path. Which one is the best? Scroll and read to find out, girlies, scroll and read. :)

Out of all three healthy alternatives, these toaster pastries are definitely the most similar to the regular Kellogg's kind. The box they come in is even just like the artificial ones! There are a ton of different flavors, too, and I've tried them all! The picture above is of the Blueberry flavor by the way. Yes, that is frosting you see there! Some of the flavors come in two versions, frosted and unfrosted. The flavors include: Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, Brown Sugar Maple Cinnamon, Cherry Chocolate Stripes, Cherry Pomegran, Chocolate, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Wildberry Acai. A few of the frosted flavors, such as Cherry Pomegran, Raspberry, and Wildberry Acai even have sprinkles on them! I have to say that Nature's Path has got it right. I love these pastries even more than the Kellogg's kind! Unfortunately, the nutrition stats aren't that good. Although made with whole grain flour and real organic fruit fillings, the calories are about the same as the regular Pop Tarts. Though the flavors do make the nutritional info vary, the calories from fat are less by about 10, but that's still not much. Each toaster pastry is either 200 or 210 calories. The grams of fat are significantly less than Kellogg's by about 3.5, but the carbs are about the same, even a little bit higher. Still, there are no trans fats, no artificial preservatives, and no artificial colors or flavors. I would recommend these as a "sometimes" treat that's better than the version of Pop Tarts full of chemicals that we know and love!

Nature's Path Organic Brown Sugar Maple Cinnamon Frosted Toaster Pastries
My two favorite flavors!

Price: $1.99 per box at Whole Foods
Calories: 200-210 per pastry depending on the flavor


  1. ah Natures Path just keeps getting better and better :) I haven't had a poptart since middle school!

  2. Ahhh I used to LIVE off of Pop Tarts! I haven't had one in ages.

    These look so tasty!

    Enjoy your weekend!!


  3. These sound super yummy! I haven't had a poptart in FOREVER, need to get some of these!
    <3 jess

  4. i loved pop tarts as a kid!!
    I would love to try the raspberry pom flav! :)

  5. These sound like a great alternative when a pop tarts craving hits... :)

  6. I used to eat poptarts as a child, but I would not let my kids buy them if I had any. The Nature's Path ones sound much better, even if they are the same calories! You almost feel better eating them and feeding them to others...that's good enough for me!

  7. I remember I used to enjoy poptarts occasionally. The maple cinnamon flavor sounds the best! :-)

  8. i DONT need to know about these haha - they are WAY too tempting :)

  9. we don't have pop tarts in Australia but everyone has heard about them from somewhere right???

  10. i devoured the chocolate cherry box the week i got it.
    i wasn't even hungry and i found myself eating them
    i cant buy these- i found them at whole foods on sale 3 for 6$, but i resisted!
    with pop tarts in my house i wont eat them bc of the transfats/chemicals. but Natures Path doesnt have that. so i'll have "just a bite'"..."half"..."well i might as well eat the whole thing"... and so on. hahah
    i did a review on the chocolate cherry ones too on my blog =)

  11. Pop tarts are one of those fun foods that I sometimes see at the grocery store and think "oh! fun! maybe I should get these!" But then I think about if I'd actually eat them. For breafkast? No. Obviously not for lunch or dinner... For a snack? I'd rather have something else. When you live alone it's hard to rationalize buying a whole box of something when you know you won't eat the whole box. They should start selling them individually :)

  12. I was never much of a poptart fan as a child, but these do look yummy. Nature's Path is a good pick if a pop tart craving comes up.

  13. Thanks for taking your time for this. I was trying to prove to my little sister that Nature Path's organic "poptarts" were better than Kelogg's Poptarts.

  14. Um, I just ate a poptart. You know, the ones we all grew up with, which prompted me to search the web for a healthier version. Even though the nutritional value isn't wildly better in the Nature Path brand, man, I gotta try chocolate cherry!!!! Off to Whole Foods I go! I could easily be persuaded to try the Nature Path and make the switch over. Thanks y'all.