Friday, December 4, 2009

Celestial Seasonings Holiday Tea

Hey girls. :) I know I took a short hiatus without telling you, but it was much needed, believe me. I'm so sorry I keep leaving out of nowhere! I'll try to be on the blog more often. I'm really grateful for all of the wonderful, heartwarming comments I keep receiving. They keep me going and make my day. I love you guys!

It's finally December, just that much closer to Christmas. With that in mind, I decided to try some of Celestial Seasonings' Holiday Teas to keep with the spirit of the season. I love tea, so we'll see how this review goes. ;)

The first flavor, if you can't read the title, is Candy Cane Lane. This one is nice and minty, but the taste isn't really strong. The scent is more delicious than the actual drink. It's like green tea with a peppermint kick.

This one is Gingerbread Spice. The name itself makes me want to just eat the box! It has a mild spice with some cinnamon in it. Also not strong, but soothing and complex with the mix of flavors.

This was the first Holiday Tea I bought. It smells exactly like freshly baked cookies. I literally sat there for an entire minute just inhaling the mug. As with all of the other teas, the flavor is VERY mild. Still delicious though. :D


There are two other teas I haven't tried yet. I was thinking maybe adding a packet of sweetener would help enhance them, but I haven't tried that so far. The aromas set such high expectations for the flavors, but it's a little bit disappointing. Oh, well. I'll still buy these if I see them in the store.

The nutrition facts are the same as any other tea! Don't be too surprised on that one. xD All natural, caffeine-free, and zero calories. Yum!

You can get these at Shop-Rite, Kings, Whole Foods, even online... basically anywhere that sells tea. Go get some riiight now. Now. :)

Price: $2.79 per 20 bag box
Calories: o


  1. just found the sugar cookie today..i was so excited!

  2. i like sugar cookie, but i do better with fruity teas! thanks for hte reviews- i was curious about candy cane & gingerbread! and i hope you take as many breaks as you need :)


  3. Hey! Mmm.. you make me want to try the sugar cookie tea if only for the smell. Since I've read your review, I won't expect a rich taste, so I won't be disappointed!

    I'm glad you took a break, as you say it was 'much needed.' Do what you need to do to stay sane, healthy, happy, and whole.

    Peace to you!

  4. I just wrote a comment, but I don't know if it went through, so I'll write it again!
    These teas all sound so delicious, but I feel bad buying tea since I have SO MUCH in my cabinets that I don't drink!! I should go through those first, but by then the holiday flavors might be gone :( I should try it anyway, I'm into holiday flavors. The sugar cookie sounds the best!

  5. I may or may not be drinking my second (er, third) mug of gingerbread spice tea as we speak :)

  6. I have the sugar plum on and it's got more taste than the others. Gingerbread would be second in line for me and I can not find the sugar cookie one in my area!

  7. i really wanna try these sooo bad!

  8. i have been SEARCHING for the sugar cookie flavor. so jealous! send me some!! :)

  9. Don't apologize for taking a break! Especially when it's needed :)

    Mmm, holiday tea!
    <3 jess

  10. THe sugar cookie is just to die for! Add one packet of sweetener and it brings the flavor out so much better! MMMMMM!

  11. I love the sugar cookie one...Have you tried the pumpkin spice yet?

  12. Celestial Seasonings is great! I love all their flavors. Yogi Green tea with ginseng is amazing as well. The ginseng gives an energy boost for mid day sleepiness =)

  13. Candy Cane Lane is my absolutel favorite b/c it's yummy, decaf green tea. I stock up on it every Christmas so I have it throughout the year!!